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I'm a professional Ironman triathlete, I also coach triathlon and teach indoor cycling classes. I do have a keen interest in bio-mechanics and sports physiology. I also like to design my own indoor cycling lessons from scratch and mix the music to the exercise intensity. Being a professional athlete I don't have time for anything else, other than time with my wonderful wife, Brenda and my beautiful daughter, Carolina.

Monday, 8 March 2010

I announce proudly that I'm sponsored by Retül Bike fiting at Twenty3C

Retul is arguably the most accurate bike fit system on the market. Retul uses motion capture technology, i.e. you riding your bike whilst you’re attached to a computer that analyses your position and bike set-up. The data that is produced is sub millimetre accurate and void from human error. The system accurately assesses your position whilst in motion (pedalling your bike) and highlights positional changes that need to be made. This data enables us to set your bike up to achieve your optimal position. During the fit we use a power meter so that we can do 3 separate recordings using 3 incremental power loads. We do this on both sides of your body, so 6 assessments in total. From these 6 assessments we are be able to make the required adjustments to your position which will help with your comfort and performance. Once the adjustments have been made we do a further two assessments one from each side of your body to ensure the changes we have made give the required results.

Using eight (8) anatomical LED markers strategically placed on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and ball of the foot, the Retül sensor gathers information in real time and transmits it to the PC. In real time.

I do have my Retül fits taking care at Twenty3C and later on taking that data into the wind tunnel and have the most accurate as possible fit to my physiology and my bike frames geometries. Amazing stuff!

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